Nest Shadow study with collage and soft pastel

I had thought that I had finished the watercolour study that I have recently shared on this blog. However, on reflection and having spent quite a while just looking at it ( I often do this) I decided to paint some small pieces of watercolour paper in darker tones and tear them to go on top of my picture. I think I was mentally referring back to the bars on the study of our fire that I have also recently shared on this blog. I also made more marks with fan brushes, ink and soft pastels until I felt I had done. I’m using this to refer to for a large oil painting on canvas that I have started to the same scale as my previous ‘Solitary Figure’ paintings that I am gathering with a view to a collaborative show based on the theme ‘Self and Other’. The current painting will also go into this collection if it works! I made some progress with it yesterday but am not quite ready to share yet. Watch this space! My poet friends from Artipeeps say they don’t understand me sharing process work as it goes along. I think drawings are different though as they can stand alone as individual pieces of artwork. Jason from Neoartists said to share everything! I am being guided by my instinct on this and share when I feel ready. Anyway, here are the collage additions, enough talk! Click to enlarge as usual.nest shadow study with todays work 22nd jan collage smallernest shadow study crop 22nd jan 16 smaller