Freyjr’s Disappearing Necklace, follow up study acrylic on paper

I made this third follow up study last Tuesday in response to the painting I made of the same title that I have recently shared on this blog. It was for the challenge of interpreting the Vanaheim realm for the Norse myth collaboration for Artipeeps arts group from Cambridge England. This recent study really explains itself, and has become a somewhat darker response to the story of Freyjr’s greed for the necklace and her need to have it at all costs. It has also become something of a metaphor for feminine sexuality and sensuality. It has a universal quality that all can relate to which is what makes the story so compelling. Do click on the image to see the marks and colour more clearly. I’m not sure if this is the end of this series, we’ll see. However, I do want to go back to Eskdale to draw another Viking cross at Irton near the church. So watch this space!Freyjr's Disappearing Necklace 4 may 15