Freyja wearing the necklace after Picasso

Picasso hommes et femmes nus smallerSuzanne et les vieillards 1 1966The two Picasso pieces above are, ‘Hommes et femmes nus’ 1967, first piece and

‘Suzanne et les Vieillards 1’ 1967, print.

I made this study on Tuesday after a period of studying Picasso monochrome prints on Artstack. One of Suzanne and the elders particularly drew me as it seemed very in keeping with my Freyja explorations. The male figures looked like dwarves as they stare voyeuristically upon Suzanne who is surprised. Picasso may not seem the obvious choice for a piece based on Norse myth. However, his unabashed depiction of more intimate moments between men and women seemed fitting. He explores sexuality and sensuality like no one else and I’ve always been a great fan. I kept looking at images all week and decided to take one of his seated nudes and transform her into Freyja wearing this necklace. The first stage was pencil, then ink and wash. Do click the images to see the marks more clearly. I’ve also added the inspirational Picasso pieces. Whenever you bring Picasso energy into work it changes the dynamic completely. His nudes are not conventionally beautiful. He created his own rulebook. I love to see his work in the flesh as it were!Freyja after Picasso wearing the necklace 2Freyja after Picasso wearing the necklace with ink wash