Solitary figure, indian ink on heavy watercolour paper

I made this study last Tuesday as I have come to a natural pause in my Norse exploration as my Freyja drawing responses seem to be done. This may not be a permanent state of affairs as I seem to be listening to Swedish singer/songwriters still which is interesting, so not quite sure what is going on there! Just staying open. The single figure was made before we reached our target for the Indiegogo campaign for our collaborative venture with Artipeeps on Tuesday. I suppose I was feeling a little fearful and isolated and wondering if we could actually pull together as a collective and do this thing. We did, and it certainly felt good! It kind of tied in with my thoughts and feelings on community as I’ve been exploring the Norse realm of Vanaheim. Anyway, here’s the drawing. Don’t forget to click on the image to see the marks in close-up.Solitary figure 19 may 2015