The Nine Realms exhibition for Artipeeps at Hanse House Kings Lynn

Here are some shots of the wonderful exhibition at Hanse House where I had my painting on display along with the work of poets, artists and musicians from across the world. It was wonderful to be a part of it, to read poems, to explore the thinking behind my painting and hear about the other realms from fellow artists. I really enjoyed the opportunity to share my stories with the children who came and adults as well. To see the way folk engaged with this highly interactive show and meet some of my fellow collaborators. I will be processing it for a long time. This world of the Norse myth captures our imaginations so completely. As one Year 6 boy said when he was reading a poem the microphone felt like Thor’s hammer!the nine realms neclace on show with me 2The Nine Realms wooden boatThe Nine Realms sundayThe Nine Realms posterThe Nine Realms John reading poems