‘Medea hold your centre’ A1 drawing in pastel-pencil

Here’s the fist stage in a drawing I made yesterday. I was taking further the idea that if Medea had been able to come back to herself things may have played themselves out differently. Ovid talks at considerable length in the early part of Book 7 in his ‘Metamorphosis’ about how she tried to ‘unlove’ Jason ,which suggests some level of self-awareness on her part at just how dangerous this kind of obsessive love can be. However, as soon as she saw him again she fell for him all over again. Ovid barely mentions that she killed her sons but explores the nature of her love for Jason at great length. It all comes back to what is going on inside Medea.

‘Medea hold your heart’ A1 pastel-pencil drawing, second stage

Here’s the drawing further along with the cooling turquoise border that has a sea-like quality. I love the strength of the marks I can get with the pastel pencils. They don’t disintegrate when I apply pressure unlike normal pastels. The zig-zags near her heart almost suggest a heart monitor. These made themselves, I wasn’t consciously intending this, it was only afterwards that I saw it.