Shoreham Rooves: Ascension Road

Here is a little oil I’ve been working on recently. It’s based on a sketch I made looking towards a hill near Shoreham. Samuel Palmer must have looked at this view. He saw it as Paradise. Click to enlarge to see marks and colour folks:-)

No Spikes

Here is a little sketch I made of a cactus I bought in Fontainebleau market on a recent visit to France for my son. I missed the one I originally intended for him as a lady picked it up and bought it whilst I dithered. This was the nearest one to it on the stall. I love these little cacti that are so individual just like us really. I decided to draw it before I gave it to him and this is the result. Still a bit blocked with my art as have been writing for my artshealth MA, this part nearly done so looking forward to getting back into some major painting. Watch this space folks 🙂

Wedding Flowers

A little study of a flower arrangement that was on our table at a friends wedding from the other week in the sweltering heat. Lovely idea to give them to guests as they leave. I decided to make this little study back at home before they wilted too much. Loved the lace round the jars. The groom’s sister did a fashion degree at Nottingham Trent so lovely connection to that, the home of some beautiful lace.