Experimental acrylic from last Tuesday on paper, Man on Bench in Bruges

I made thisman on bench in Bruges no 4 no crinkles further study in response to my investigations of a man sat reading in solitude on a bench in Bruges. This time it was more about the feeling I had walking past him and looking back. He was totally still absorbed and content. I don’t think I totally got this feeling in this figure so may do more studies to try to capture that. The curve of the brushstrokes in the foreground really represents my movement through space giving another dimension to the whole experience. This feels like another stage in the journey that is not over yet and could become a painting in the summer.Man reading on a bench in Bruges no 4 crop

Acrylic on paper study of man reading on a bench in Bruges

I made this further exploration of a man reading on a bench in Bruges last Sunday as a development of this idea and after seeing the man on my holiday to that fair city at half term. This time I used a large soft brush and gave myself the rule to only use that and no pencil. Not sure why I said this to myself as it was quite difficult painting the impression of the man on the bench with such a large brush. I think I wanted homogeneity in this piece so that’s why I said this to myself. I often give instructions like this if it feels the right thing to do. Here is an image of the whole piece and a crop. Do click on the images to enlarge. More studies to come I feel, watch this space!Man reading on a bench in Bruges 3 whole pieceMan reading on a bench in Bruges 3 crop

Man on a bench in Bruges reading 2, colour

I made this study of the man reading today that I previously made an ink drawing of shared on this blog. I’ve been thinking that this may become a painting so decided to play with a bit of colour and then draw in pencil on top.  The image of the man and the way he was so totally absorbed in his reading has stayed with me way beyond the holiday. I feel this is an image of solitude when you are totally at peace and happy in your own company. The context of Bruges marries perfectly with this sensibility. I feel the man had very deliberately chosen the bench, and it has a certain ‘Genuis locii’ as one of my twitter followers Lydia Stuasberg observed.Man reading on a bench in Bruges 2 colour whole pieceMan reading on a bench in  Bruges colour

Man sitting on a bench in Bruges

I saw this man sitting reading engrossed in his book last week when we were in Bruges. I love saying that after having watched the film. He was completely absorbed and at peace. I suppose these solitary figures are creeping into my awareness after looking at Peter Doigs painting ‘Blotter’ again, and thinking a lot about introversion and being complete in one’s own solitude. This man certainly was. He didn’t look up as I went past or when I looked back at him from the bridge. There’s a photo of him too for you to see. Do click on the images to enlarge and see marks and detail. Real life. Here’s the Peter Doig painting ‘Blotter’ that won the John Moore’s painting prize all those years ago and inspired my current responses to some extent. Oil on canvas 1993Peter Doig BlotterMan sitting on a bench in Bruges with flash smallerman sitting on a bench in Bruges close-upman reading bruges

Neoartists Associate Membership

I’m very excited as I recently heard that I have been accepted by the committee as an Associate Member from my recent application. The artists work on there is great, and chimes with me in so many ways. I was on the phone to them and look forward meeting fellow artists, to attending shows and seeing the studios.I’ll also be able to share work on their website and potentially contribute to shows at their gallery. It feels like just the beginning! Here’s the link to their website if you’d like to take a look neoartists.co.uk