Purple Scarf and Blue Boots

Another drawing with watercolour of my boots and little scarf. Not arranged to draw but just as it fell as I sat on mat by fire I noticed them and liked the colour combo, hence this little study. Went to the Platform Gallery here in Clitheroe yesterday to buy a card, and had a little conversation with one of the managers and may do a new card for them for the new year. It could be this! Am having a think. Would rather use a drawing I have made anyway than make a drawing for a card type thing if that makes sense! Watch this space. Pleased to see my other cards there going well.

Sofa Nest

Here is another of my exploration drawings that stands alone as well, for my theme absence/presence. It’s of our lovely comfy tetrad sofa. As I said before on this blog, won’t be sharing some drawings as they are covered in writing and are very much process, but this works on its own as well so don’t mind sharing this. Click to enlarge and see marks better folks!

Dressing gown and nightie on edge of bath drawings

New ideas are gradually beginning to form and these drawings are part of my explorations. I can share these as they stand alone as well as being part of the process. However, I won’t be sharing some drawings and thoughts as I have found it can impede progress in real terms if you give too much away too soon. I want to develop a large painting and will keep you posted as to progress on here even if I don’t share many actual images. I would like it to go in a show at some future date with other painters and will let you know when and where. It’s a slow process and could take years. It links with ideas of family and presence/absence.