The Nine Realms exhibition for Artipeeps at Hanse House Kings Lynn

Here are some shots of the wonderful exhibition at Hanse House where I had my painting on display along with the work of poets, artists and musicians from across the world. It was wonderful to be a part of it, to read poems, to explore the thinking behind my painting and hear about the other realms from fellow artists. I really enjoyed the opportunity to share my stories with the children who came and adults as well. To see the way folk engaged with this highly interactive show and meet some of my fellow collaborators. I will be processing it for a long time. This world of the Norse myth captures our imaginations so completely. As one Year 6 boy said when he was reading a poem the microphone felt like Thor’s hammer!the nine realms neclace on show with me 2The Nine Realms wooden boatThe Nine Realms sundayThe Nine Realms posterThe Nine Realms John reading poems

The Nine Realms Show

Here are a couple of shots of my painting ‘Freyja’s Disappearing Necklace’ on display at the Nine Realms show at Hanse House Kings Lynn Norfolk.  I am so proud to see it there amongst all my fellow collaborators work. I will give a more fulsome account of it all in my next post. Don’t forget to click on images to enlarge!The nine realms Freyja's Disappearing NecklaceThe Nine Realms Freya's Necklace on display close-up

Thoughtful Rider shot from start Tour of Britain at Clitheroe

I took this shot of Jonas Van Genechten of team Iam waiting at the start of the stage that began in Clitheroe on Monday. It occurred to me after that it very much fits with my ‘Solitary Figure’ investigations. He was sat leaning on the handlebars of his bike with one hand under his chin deep in thought for quite a while and I took a few shots. It seems you can be lost and your own world even when surrounded by others and under pressure to perform. He is a sprinter and I know he had a tough stage in Wales the day before in the mountains. I hadn’t heard of him before but will certainly look out for him now. He has to perform for his team as well as for himself which must be a huge deal. He was waiting and composing himself I guess. The only thing that distracted him was ITV4 filmcrew who started reporting near to him. He didn’t feel the need to speak to anyone but was next to his team mates. I even managed to pull back and get an extra shot showing more of the background. This was the best one and is better composed I think. I love the way his free hand curls over the handlebars. He seemed relaxed but ready to tackle the job he needed to do. They are such athletes at the top of their form. It certainly made me think. I’ve been stretching a canvas ready to tackle more negative aspects of being alone lost in thought. Watch this space! I’m more reluctant to approach this for obvious reasons, however most interesting things happen when you go towards the dark side!Tour of Britain thoughtfulTour of Britain thoughtful 2

Solitary Figure on a Wall, acrylic on canvas

I made this little study on canvas in acrylic today to move my explorations into the solitary figure into a new direction. This time the subject is lost in thought unlike the man reading on the bench in Bruges. I’ll leave it up to the viewer what I am trying to say as I don’t like explaining content too much. The picture should do that for itself. It will end up as inspiration for a companion piece for the man reading on the bench in Bruges. I got a stretcher made today for it and will source the canvas tomorrow. I have a plan. Suffice it to say that my work will centre on our relationship with ourselves and others. Don’t forget to click on the images for more detail.Solitary figure on a wall complete on easelSolitary figure on a wall crop

Leaf hand painted scarf on silk

I made this scarf for myself from the other half of the length of silk that I made my friend’s scarf from. I used some leaves found on a walk in my beloved Brungerley park in Clitheroe as inspiration. It was strange making something for myself, but we all need to give to ourselves as well as others and honour what makes us who we are. I was really pleased with the flow and how it goes with so many of my clothes. I just had the leaves spread out on the floor of my studio and worked on the stretched silk upright on my easel. It’s really just another painting but this time on silk! I love how the dyes migrate and have a life of their own when I float them on after. I do this flat after the gutta is dry.leaf scarf  whole thingLeaf scarf crop 1

Freyja’s Disappearing Necklace silk scarf

I made this scarf for a good friend’s special birthday. It is a one off and came out of her commenting on the recent painting of mine of the same name. I won’t be making scarves as another regular branch of my art but like to do them as one offs as it were for special people for special occassions. This suited my friend completely when she wore it and she was very happy which in turn made me happy! Please click to enlarge and see the marks and colour more clearly.Freyja scarf detailFreyja scarf complete