Nest Shadow, complete oil and collage on canvas

I completed this piece last Wednesday the 10th February 2016. It is always very difficult for me to know when I need to stop, but am generally stopping sooner than I used to so as not to overegg the pudding as it were. I used paper masks to go over the painting of the central section and a large brush that I bought at the local hardware shop. Thin glazes of colour allowed motifs underneath to show through. I also scratched through the paint before it dried as I often do. The collage element are frayed canvas from the edge of an old picture to bring in the strips of darker tone equivalent to the paper collage on the prep drawing that I have shared on this blog. Finally I decided that some dark lines were needed so I stretched some string over the canvas and painted it and pulled it like an elastic band and it landed on the canvas in these strong accidental lines. I used indian ink to paint the string. I liked the way it touched some parts and not others so that it was a mix of the accidental and deliberate. That’s it really. I have no more to say on this one. Do click images to enlarge to see the marks and layers more clearly. I’m moving on even as I finish this and plan to buy a large A1 piece of paper to start a new cycle on this afternoon. On and on I go!necklace shadow complete 15th feb 16detail 2 nest shadow complete 16 feb 16detail nest shadow complete 15 feb 16detail nest shadow complete 3 16 feb 16