‘Girl with Sofa’ oil on canvas board, June 2020

Have begun painting again! I made this small oil after a long time not painting because of my reaction to the lockdown. I have been sewing small patchwork pictures as shared on here, but not had the will to paint. It gradually returned after making a small canvas board and framing it with bits and pieces I had in the studio. I properly sized it with rabbitskin glue, and gessoed it. All this process was healing in itself.

A visit to a beautiful garden next to a lake was a real turning point for me. I made watercolours in my sketchbook and added pen marks. Nature enveloped me in this wonderful place and made the creative embers glow once more. Little studies in a sketchbook were not overwhelming, and I just gave myself permission to respond.

An old drawing of a sofa from our first house also inspired the new little painting as it seemed to resonate with all we are going through now. My recent skirt studies also formed a starting point. Click to enlarge images as usual folks.