Love in a Mist

Here is my latest drawing, in oil-bar and pencil, and watercolour on Winsor and Newton heavy watercolour paper. I wanted to capture the flowers my son Patrick and his girlfriend Sarah gave me for my birthday before they were finished. They seemed to glow in our dark little sitting room. I do believe things emit an energy that can be positive or negative and all the shades in-between. These gave me a great lift, and I even like when they are dying. They still arrange themselves into wonderful shapes. I’m sharing the stages too as usual, though I often get so involved in the drawing that I forget to take photographs not sure what the solution is! Maybe to film myself as I work?

Lymeregis Cobb for Hull City of Culture The Big Picture

Have just sent a painting as my offering for this great celebration. Tim Smith of Wilberforce College Art Dept contacted me and asked if I was willing to contribute a piece. They should be framed and ready to hang to be given to homes in Hull in an initiative to promote the arts. I couldn’t think which one to choose, but plumped for this one as it is of an iconic structure from another part of the British coastline and I thought it somehow appropriate. I hope whoever gets it likes it!