The Circle Is Unbroken with dark marks added, oil painting

This painting isn’t finished I now realise. It is the culmination of my Medea work and every mark and gesture reflects that. I felt the airy lightness was lovely of the previous stage, but the darkness is very much part of the story, hence the further working. I will know instinctively when to stop and it isn’t yet. I’m really enjoying the plastic quality of the oil paint. It talks back to me.

The Circle is Unbroken painting underway outside gallery

Here is the painting being made outside the gallery in Askham. I made the sketch for it on the river at Church Pool where another oil painting that I have shared on this blog came from. It is still part of the Medea series and I have expanded on the thinking behind it when I shared the sketch. I’m really enjoying the tug on the brush and the lush colour you can get with oils.

Close-up of sketch made at Church Pool on the river Lowther at Askham

I finished making this sketch yesterday stood up on the river bank looking towards the bridge through the trees. It is at Church Pool in Askham Cumbria  England. I was quite uncomfortable when drawing balanced on this lumpy tree root, but that’s sometimes a good thing. I had hoped I could bring my easel down but there was nowhere to put it! The particular view I wanted had to be from this particular tree root. The artist Ian Murphy taught me this, you have to be prepared to stand on a rock in the middle of the river if necessary to get the view you want. No compromise, and get as much information as you can from life. I feel the place through me when I’m there.This is the exact location where I made my previous sketch of the cave on the opposite bank. I thought I was meant to go back there to make another piece of it for my Medea work. I found I had no interest in drawing the cave again though once there, even though I started. I’d said all I wanted to say and have moved on with the narrative. I turned round on the spot and the light flooded through the trees with the arch of the bridge in orange pink stone and it’s reflection in the deep water. Here was my gold, here is the fleece not in the dark cave but looking towards the light. The circle is unbroken.The bridge and it’s reflection form a circle , if fragmented by the lacy lush trees. This was a surprise as I felt sure the cave with the little tree outside it would be my motif. This is too literal though, you have to go with the flow whatever direction it may take you. So this is still part of the Medea story. The flow is moving in a different way , but definitely not backwards this time. Unconditional love sees to that.