Raggedy Plant, oil on canvas, first stage

Here’s my painting of the plant stalk with leaves that I’d worked towards over the past few weeks through my drawing. It’s in oil on canvas. I really enjoyed the orange especially today as it sang back to me. It’s important to keep the energy and rawness of the marks through the stages. I feel my way towards this. I go to the park to walk and meditate before working to clear my mind and put myself in the right creative space. This is always necessary as life has a way of encroaching and I can lose focus. I now know how to give myself the best chance of painting in an authentic way. The actual making of the marks is a very small part of the process. Time contracts whilst I’m working and it’s suddenly dark.

Painting/drawing find in close-up

I found this piece in the same tube as the last one. It’s a large response to something my youngest son wrote. It came from Blackadder which he loved, ‘ He may be very small but inside tall’ I’d made a photoshop piece based on it, which I’ll share with you, at Bretton Hall at a summer school with Tom Wood the painter. This development was made at home afterwards. It’s in acrylic and emulsion paint with soft pencil on top.

Canvas find

I found this canvas collage last Monday in a tube in the studio. I’d forgotten I’d made it, it’s over 20 years old. It came from me chopping up an old painting of mine and stitching the parts together in a different way by hand. I collaged other papers on there too. I sometimes do radical things like this. I had to take the canvas off it’s stretcher for storage purposes. It was a large painting of a waterfall loosely based on Stanley Falls in Eskdale in the Lakedistrict Cumbria. I’m exploring all sorts of things through this relating to painting, relationships and my state of mind. It was massively cathartic. I have a strange connection, or lack of it, with my work once made, it becomes or can become something else so it had better watch out! It’s all part of the flow. On the good side it means I can let go of work easily to good homes, this makes room for the new.

Plant Stalk Drawing

I made this soft pencil drawing on a large piece of paper a bit smaller than A1. It’s in a landscape format. I’m still exploring the raggedy stalk of my plant. It’s the strong diagonal that interested me and the arcs of the leaves. I decided not to use colour this time to concentrate on shape and raw marks and see where that took me. All this is in preparation for an oil painting next week when I’m off school for half-term. I’ll also be making artwork in response to another Artipeeps collaborative venture, entitled ‘Anxiety and Release’ A poet who I’ve been paired with will be writing his piece then giving it to me to respond to, then I hand back whatever I create, via the internet, and he will respond through his poetry. I’m really looking forward to this as I’ve always been interested in pushing the boundaries between art and writing. Watch this space.


Fence on Saatchi Art

http://www.saatchiart.com/profiles/portfolio/id/681356 I’m so excited that Saatchi Art accepted my painting ‘Fence’ which you can read about and see on this site under Portfolio and About My Pictures, to sell online. I just thought it was worth a shot as I have it back with me after it was on show at my brother’s gallery www.stuartbrodhurstceramics.co.uk . All this means more of the world can see what it is I do. ‘Lane’ especially likes being seen, they both came out of that very rich seam of inspiration on that long French holiday in 2009.