Broken tree sketch soft pencil and oil pasted

Here’s a sketch I made today in the rain for the Anxiety/Release  collaboration that I am currently working on for Artipeeps from Cambridge. I’m looking at the wreck of this beautiful tree. The energy of the storms we had last week uprooted it and blew it over. It’s such a sad sight especially as I had drawn it previously for my A1 study ‘Strong Trees which I have recently shared. The roots are short and stubby as you can see now that they are exposed. The tree itself has been chain sawed into pieces and taken away. The raw brutalised stump is a powerful presence still. The other trees were creaking in the wind and the rain as I drew. I chose the exact same spot as for the other drawing. This broken tree was in fact the foreground tree in that piece. How things change and my perception of them. I’ll be going back and drawing my way towards a final piece as is my wont. Watch this space.

Photo of uprooted tree in local Brungerley Park

Here’s a shot of the uprooted tree from the park. It was the storms of last week that did it apparently. I was shocked because it’s one of the trees that I drew for my piece ‘Strong Trees,’ so they’re not as strong as I thought. The roots were surprisingly short. The tree is an evergreen and was very high. They don’t bend easily when the storm hits. A bit of a metaphor I’m thinking. May revisit and draw this for my response for the ‘Anxiety Release’ collaboration I’m doing with Artipeeps from Cambridge. I’ll share the drawing ‘Strong Trees’ that I made a while ago and chose for my background image on twitter by coincidence.