I Devour You, oilbar on A1 Saunders Waterford paper

I completed this large study as a preparatory piece for a large oil that I am underway with at the moment as part of a series of paintings for the ‘Self and Other’ proposed show at Neoartists Bolton in 2018.Still waiting for the response of the committee! The inspiration for this one came from a sketch that I made at the Jardin Botanique in Brussels which I am also sharing on this blog. It was of a sculpture of a bird of prey consuming whatever it had caught. The bronze sculpture spoke to me instantly that it wanted to be drawn as I explored the gardens. Don’t forget to click to enlarge the image to see the marks more clearly. Oilbars are my new thing and I’m loving the textures that are possible to achieve with them. I also use a soft pencil to bring in the line aspect of the study, I don’t know if I’ll include this in the painting, I’m undecided. Eagle sketch botanic gardens brusselsbuildings behind botanic gardens brusselsjardin botanique photoi devour you complete drawingi devour you clos-up oilbar on bockingford